Pregnant Kylie Kelce Shares Photos of Daughters at Super Bowl: ‘At Least I Didn’t Go Into Labor’

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Kylie Kelce is happy with part of the outcome of the Super Bowl.

Although the mom of two and wife of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce was sad to see the team lose to the Kansas City Chiefs, she was relieved that she didn’t welcome their third baby during the game.

Sharing photos from the eventful day on Instagram Saturday, the expectant mom, 30, wrote, “What an incredible run.” It wasn’t the outcome we wanted… but at least I didn’t go into labor at the game.”

Acknowledging that she was “in amazing hands with my OB dream team,” Kylie shared her favorite moment from the day—”the moment Wyatt cues all of the lights.”

The toddler could be seen holding her mom’s hand while walking into the stadium and later pointing at the camera as she sat in her seat excitedly. Little sister Elliotte was a little camera shy during the day’s events, but Kylie assured followers she was with the family for the special day.

When Kylie chatted with PEOPLE ahead of the big game, she shared how important it was for daughters Elliotte, who turns 2 next month, and Wyatt, 3, to soak up all they could of the extra-special occasion.

“I don’t know that our 2-year-old will really remember anything, and really even if our 3-year-old will, but it’s just such a cool opportunity.” “At the very least, they’ll have pictures of them at the Super Bowl cheering on their dad,” Kylie told PEOPLE. “I know that it’s something [Jason] wanted to share with them.”

“So we still do have a backup plan, that if anything happens with the newest little Kelce and me, my parents will take the girls so that they can experience it with him,” she explained at the time. “It’s just an amazing opportunity for our family.”

During a recent episode of his podcast with brother Travis Kelce—NNew Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, a Jukes Original Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment—tthe Eagles player, 35, shared an update on his family as they awaited their new arrival.

“It was an epic game, an epic Super Bowl, and an epic one for our family.” We did miss out on one thing that could have made it more epic, though. “That baby is still inside Kylie’s belly,” Jason shared.

“That’s how you know.” We’re in my matrix because the baby didn’t arrive and the Super Bowl didn’t arrive.I knew it all along. “We’re in my simulation, boys,” Travis joked.

“I was actually rooting for Kylie to go into labor and have the baby at the stadium.” I feel like that’s very selfish of me, but that’s what I wanted to happen. “I don’t know why I wanted that to happen.”

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